Tradition of LondonWe love family businesses, and why not? We are one! But Tradition of London has really caught our attention because of the rich history of their company and the impact it has had on the entire field of collecting toy soldiers and military memorabilia. Their lineage goes back to the early 50’s when the company was founded as Norman Newton Ltd. by the late Roy Belmont-Maitland. Roy knew the military, having escaped from Nazi Germany prior to the war and serving in various positions in the British Army.

The company went on to open several stores in London during the 60’s and published a now famous “Tradition” magazine, which, along with Roy’s zest for the field is said to have created the modern day hobby. Eventually, the high costs of London brought about the closure of the last shop, but figures are still manufactured in Nottingham, UK.

Today, Tradition is headquartered in Sweden and owned owned by Gunnar Lindström and his son, Magnus, who are continuing the “tradition” of the previous owners, creating a wide range of high quality toy soldiers depicting many different historical eras.

We are honoured to be able to work with this venerable company that has had such a positive impact on the Toy Soldier field over the years. You can see the quality of their work in their 54mm Toy Soldier line in gloss…