Rome produced some of the best military strategists the world has ever known. Gaius Marius and Julius Caesar have been studied over the centuries by key military men like Napoleon, to learn the best strategies for warfare. The Roman army was an extremely disciplined group who did as much to build the empire’s infrastructure as they did win the wars. Each legion had specialists, engineers, architects, surveyors, and craftsman.

The Roman Legion was composed of five to six thousand men divided into basic units called a century. The century in turn had 80 men and 6 centuries formed a cohort, 10 cohorts made the legion. The first cohort was the most prestigious, had 5 double centuries, and it is this group that had the standard gold eagle–aquila. The man who carried the standard flag was called the aquilifer. Horns were used in battle and the carrying of it was the cornicen. The centuries were commanded by a centurion. The centurions were the backbone of the army. He was a professional career soldier who not only ran the day to day life of the soldiers but also issued commands in the field.

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